Die Wahrheit ist dem Menschen zumutbar. --Ingeborg Bachmann

dense fog
today the scarecrow
without face

**I like the "today"... which leaves me wondering whether it has a face on other days... nice sense of mystery there.

shiki monthly kukai 10-2015

Dover Strait--
from a distance sounds
the foghorn

Asahi Haikuist Network

high school reunion
in the courtyard of the school
blooming linden trees

Honorable Mention

The 69th Anniversary Of Honorable Basho
- Selected and translated by Kōko Katō - 

Heimweg im Nebel ...
ein Wildganszug quert
unser Schweigen

Lake Baikal —
the scent of smoked omul
is in the air

Honorably Mentioned Haiku

Räuberleiter –
unterm Apfelbaum döst
der Hofhund

Haiku heute, 10/2015

Kräuterlabyrinth –
im Leibraum angekommen
der Duft der Stille


die weißen Rosen
grün gerändert

VerSuch ...

Rustling of leaves —
above the lamp lit church
the harvest moon

Asahi Haikuist Network