Die Wahrheit ist dem Menschen zumutbar. --Ingeborg Bachmann

Almost tenderly

mating dances
light’s fading away
above white fields    / RL

in the desert wind
a scientist wraps the potsherd up    / HS

almost tenderly he stuffs
her nylons    / RL

noted with halting hand
a reverie of spring    / HS



to carry water
in one’s hand… at night
they left their home    / HS

on the beach against the light
a black kite    /RL

we talk about love
kept in suspense    / HS

collection of fragments
once more he refills ink    / RL


HS - Helga Stania
RL - Ramona Linke


A Hundred Gourds 5:2 March 2016

... mit bestem Dank an Helga Stania