Leben und leben lassen. --Friedrich von Schiller

katabatic wind
the shadeless circles
of our silence

Asahi Haikuist Network

früher Morgen
sie kippt die Dachluke
ins Zwitschern und Gurren

Haiku heute Ausgabe August 2019

The Bamboo Hut     Summer 2019


strangers enter the stage of the haunted house

in the moon’s shadow her hologram  

a mayfly nudges the mobile  

the swaying margin of her self-certitude  

inner garden ... the gate  ajar  

Helga Stania / Ramona Linke

Pink Noise

the sand-mandala washes round his ankles  

lingering at the edge of the Mare Humorum    

children romp about with the Akita puppy

pink noise ___ father's rosary in her hands    

above Moorish gardens  silence  expands    

Ramona Linke / Helga Stania


The Voyage
Helga Stania (Switzerland) & Ramona Linke (Germany)  

forest pond the larches’ yellow pulse

carrying Neo Rauch's Homecoming home

the father   the son   the road  nothing but desolation

in the archipelago they listen to the break of dawn

detect a future at the edge of our words

with modesty while journeying through the Tao

Fluxus concert—anticipate the first beat of the beat

and talks... talks... about climate protection

prepare the brightest room for the foster child

on a gentle swell these disembodied days

ritual of forgiveness we hold hands

leaves fall during the tea ceremony

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